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Philly On Tape is a collaborative single series created by Eraserhood Sound during the height of the lockdowns of 2020. The series features a rotating cast of Philadelphia-based artists writing and recording vocals/melodic lines over top of instrumentals written and recorded via analog tape machine at Eraserhood Sound. When artists and creators were more isolated than ever before, Philly On Tape became, and still remains, a lifeline for local connectedness and collaboration. 

The first single from the series is "Summer Night Sounds", a driving cosmic Americana soul track featuring the band Stereo League. Released on December 4, 2020 to critical acclaim and embraced by local independent radio, "Summer Night Sounds" can be considered the first of many fruitful collaborations between Eraserhood Sound and some of the city's finest creative minds.

Subsequent releases include a haunting cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Streets of Philadelphia" featuring Thantophobe and the brooding, soulful head-nodder "Forgototten Tomorrows" by vibraphonist Jello Vibes.


The latest single from the series is "Duty Free", a scorching slice of garage funk that features Lady HD. Expect a new song from a diverse array of artists every several weeks through the spring of 2021 via this exciting creative outlet.


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