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New Single "Know Better" by Abby Jeanne Out Now

Today you can hear the brand new single from recent EHS signee Abby Jeanne, titled “Know Better”. This rollicking party starter is sure to pack your dance floor, but make sure you listen to the profound observations on society that Abby makes in her lyrics. She’s deep, and the groove is heavy. Make it to the end of the track, and you're rewarded with a mesmerizing psychedelic ride into the sunset. “Know Better” is available for streaming on all platforms, and vinyl heads, stay tuned, we most definitely did not forget about you. This new single, which will be available as a 45 in the spring of 2023, showcases the extremely talented, complex, and exciting Abby Jeanne, an artist who is undoubtedly ready to take the world by storm in 2023 and beyond. An Eraserhood Sound Production

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