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La Dante is the musical creation of Philadelphia based artist Maxwell Perla. Pairing desert singer-songwriter soul with a dusting of silky 1980s synthesizers, La Dante is pioneering a sound of his own. 


Perla released his debut single “Mexico Sunrise” in 2018, establishing a signature sound described by Post to Wire as having a “smooth soul streak with a country sway and sun kissed vibe.” 


2020 has seen a steady stream of new singles released on La Dante’s own record label and production company Eraserhood Sound. The songs embody what La Dante and EHS have dubbed Synth & Soul, a sound founded on funky rhythms, lush synthesizers, and evocative songwriting. Says V13, "Perla’s music feeds off of his charming and sophisticated originality, built on his affinity for 1980s synthesizers. More than just a singer or songwriter, Perla is extraordinary within the confines of the recording studio and can also pound away on a set of drums like the greats of rock n’ roll."


“Visions” is the last of Perla's string of singles, capping the narrative arc of a bleary-eyed wanderer crisscrossing the desert, searching for something to believe in. The collection of singles touches on topics of addiction, indulgence, excess, love, faith, and the afterlife, culminating in the thrilling single “Visions”. The song features a mean backbeat, shimmering guitars, and brooding synthesizers. “Visions” is indeed just the latest slice of “Synth & Soul” to come out of Eraserhood Sound. Expect a new EP from La Dante in 2021.


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