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Angelo Outlaw is a deeply cosmic artist whose creativity knows no bounds. He is a master mallet percussionist and a thoughtful poet, and is finally getting the shine that he has for so long deserved.


After spending decades perfecting his craft, Angelo's unique style on vibraphone and marimba can at present only be described as dazzling. His musical endeavors have taken him across the country, as he has lived in Nashville doing session work and playing for marching groups in addition to performing and producing his own original material in his native Philadelphia. 


In 2020, Outlaw connected with fellow Philadelphians Eraserhood Sound. Together, the parties have released a string of synth & soul masterpieces, including the highly sought-after Time Traveler / Silent Horizon 7" that was released in 2022. With this blazing hot two-sider, Angelo asserted himself as a force in the modern cosmic soul jazz universe.

In early 2024, Eraserhood Sound released Angelo's debut full-length album Axis of Time. According to Outlaw, the record is meant to transport the listener to a dream-like state, where space and time slowly fade away and reality is merely a distant memory. From the euphoric highs of lead single “Free My Mind” and uninhibited groove of “Speed of Light” to the trance-like meditation of “Dreams” and mournful melodies of “Invisible Clock,” Angelo and the EHS house band truly go to the cosmos and back. Axis of Time is an extraordinary debut from Outlaw, a young gay Black man who hopes to serve as an inspiration to others who might be perceived as different or other. His work transcends race, creed, religion, and politics, and has the power to speak to the universality of time, space, and human connection.




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