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Eraserhood Sound

Eraserhood Sound is an analog production team located in the heart of Philadelphia, and features an in-house boutique record label that specializes in vinyl releases. Eraserhood Sound, or EHS, is known for creating a progressive, futuristic sonic palette dubbed Synth & Soul. While operating out of the recording studio originally built for Questlove, Eraserhood Sound is poised to carry on the legacy of Philadelphia’s rich musical tapestry. 


Eraserhood Sound was founded by Maxwell Perla and Vincent John, who wrote and recorded for Truth and Soul Records in New York City for a decade. The duo have co-written, performed, produced, mixed and released music by Abby Jeanne, Alici, Angelo Outlaw, Fantasy 15, Stereo League, Vincent John, La Dante, and more. EHS has also co-written, produced and/or mixed for artists on outside labels such as Say She She, Kendra Morris, Michelle Treacy, Jr. Thomas, and more.

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