Eraserhood Sound

Eraserhood Sound is the only “Synth & Soul” label and production company around.


Founded in the summer of 2019 by longtime collaborators Maxwell Perla and Vincent John, Eraserhood Sound has grown into being a production team and studio as well as a record label. Over time, the two began to cultivate a unique style of music they dubbed “Synth & Soul.” 


The sound is a blend of soulful rhythms, featuring Perla on drums and percussion as John rounds out the rhythm section on bass, guitar, synthesizer and keys. The two-man production unit record to tape in their analog studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 


Eraserhood Sound is named in homage to the 1977 David Lynch classic Eraserhead, and borrows many of the eerie textures featured in this iconic Philly film.


In 2020, the label released the debut 7" from intergalactic house band Fantasy 15, titled Fame or Life b/w The Menace. The following year, Eraserhood Sound released the group's second and third 45s, titled Burgundy Mist b/w Percy St. and Galaxy Oasis b/w Julieta. The three records prove to be modern soul synth funk masterpieces, and they all sold out almost immediately. 

The year 2020 also saw EHS launch a collaborative single series titled Philly On Tape. Embarked upon during the height of the pandemic, the team at Eraserhood Sound wrote and recorded instrumentals for various Philly artists to create songs over. The series featured artists such as Stereo League, Thantophobe, Angelo Outlaw Jr., and Lady HD. Many of the songs were featured on WXPN, the Philadelphia area's NPR affiliate.


As of 2021, Eraserhood Sound has debuted several exciting projects, including the release of Sandro Galileo's infamous, long-lost 1974 Italian film soundtrack Ribelle Di Mare. The first single "Cliffdiver" was released in June, followed by the euphoric "Ballata di Mercuri" in July. Upon the LP's release in late August, the limited edition vinyl was already sold out. 


In addition, the Eraserhood Sound team co-wrote and produced the Kendra Morris singles "When We Would Ride" and "Catch the Sun" which were released by Karma Chief Records. These sultry 70s soul heaters are out now, with a 7" slated for a 2022 release.


Finally, in the spring of 2021, Eraserhood Sound teamed up with Philadelphia soul/rock group Stereo League to co-write and produce their latest EP "Endless Mirage.” The result is a timeless, shimmering collection of songs that tell evocative tales of loneliness and longing, set against the backdrop of Eraserhood Sound’s signature analog production. The group’s debut 7” Money In Your Mouth b/w Miss Me was made available in November of 2021.


It is clear that Eraserhood Sound is on the fast track to becoming the new sound of Philadelphia with their ultra flavorful and unique blend of music known as “Synth & Soul.”