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Fantasy 15 is a band of mortal fighters striving to prevent an evil & merciless digital government from destroying the entire galaxy...


Armed with analog synthesizers and a never-ending supply of primordial rhythms reminiscent of Nigerian funk, Brazilian tropicalia, and New York City new wave, the rebel group works diligently day and night to save all of humanity from the horrors of robotic automation.


When they are not busy saving the world, Fantasy 15 serves as the house band for Eraserhood Sound. The group released their debut 45 Fame or Life b/w The Menace in 2020, with their futuristic synth-funk earning rave reviews across the galaxy. 


After a string of singles to wrap up 2020, the group was proud to beam their second 45 Burgundy Mist / Percy St. into Earth’s atmosphere. Lead single “Burgundy Mist” is a lush, tropical slow jam featuring a sophisticated rhythm section, electrifying guitars, and euphoric flutes, which helps explain why this 7" is already sold out.


In October of 2021, the group released their first EP, Planet IX. The five-song collection displays the group's remarkable range, showcasing everything from French boogie to Philly soul, Brazilian psych, and New York hip-hop. As a companion to the EP, the group also released the Galaxy Oasis / Julieta 7". This elegant slice of vinyl sold out almost instantly, while the EP continues to garner the attention of rare groove enthusiasts around the world. The elusive freedom fighters had this to say about Planet IX:


We crafted these songs as a love letter to our native home of Zoltandia, a place we miss dearly as we continue our struggle for peace and harmony across the cosmos. If you’re reading this, all hope is not lost, and our fight has not been in vain. There are many who wish to extinguish the burning soul of our society, so we ask that you play these songs and rejoice in life, for it is precious and fleeting. Stay close, and we will see you on the other side.


“...Trippy synths and guitars drenched with fx just warping around the stereo field...put it on repeat a couple of times and dissect the variety of layers and you'll understand Fantasy 15 have created something akin to a masterpiece.” -Stereofox


“The subtle vocals and harmonies drift through the piece amidst a wash of claps and shimmering synth melodies. This is a blissful sonic funk journey.” -The Sound Sniffer




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