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New Philly On Tape Single "Forgotten Tomorrows" by Jello Vibes

“Forgotten Tomorrows” is the latest entry from our quarantine collaboration series Philly On Tape, and features Angelo Outlaw Jr., aka Jello Vibes, on vibraphone. As with every Philly On Tape entry, the track was recorded, produced, mixed, and released by Eraserhood Sound, and features a new Philly artist recording their own contributions remotely. After seeing more and more videos of Angelo performing in the Philadelphia area, the EHS crew got to work creating a brooding, ethereal track for Outlaw Jr. to lace with his hypnotic vibraphone runs. Featuring a tight yet powerful drum groove, waves of analog synthesizer, and the distant echoes of a heavenly choir, “Forgotten Tomorrows” proves to be an irresistible showcase for Outlaw Jr. to display his dazzling abilities on the vibes. The song, recorded entirely using analog reel to reel tape machines (hence the name Philly On Tape), is yet another classic slice of “Synth & Soul” from Eraserhood Sound.

Outlaw Jr. had this to say about his experience creating "Forgotten Tomorrows":

"After Eraserhood Sound sent me the mix they produced from my takes on Forgotten Tomorrows I was hyped! I truly loved the way they merged both of our ideas together, and how they dissected the takes I sent to them. Pretty genius. Overall the experience collaborating on Forgotten Tomorrows was amazing, and I would absolutely love to collaborate again in the future."

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