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New Single "LMNO Music" from New EHS Artist Crease

Eraserhood Sound is proud to introduce a brand new artist, the Philadelphia based DJ, producer and synth crusader known as Crease. His debut singe "LMNO Music" is out now on streaming platforms around the world courtesy of Eraserhood Sound. This electro funk anthem built for the dance floor shouts out our favorite vinyl speakeasy in Philly, an iconic underground listening room home to some epic DJ sets from EHS and Crease. "LMNO Music’s" infectious groove and vocal hook is sure to live rent free in your brain, and is just the beginning from the exciting dynamo that is Crease. An Eraserhood Sound Production.

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Written by Crease, Vincent John, Maxwell Perla

Crease - Vocoder, Backing Vocals, Synthesizer, Drum Programming

Vincent John - Synthesizer, Backing Vocals, Recording Engineer

Maxwell Perla - Drum Set, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Recording Engineer

Recorded at Eraserhood Sound in Philadelphia, PA

Produced by Eraserhood Sound and Crease

Mixed by Eraserhood Sound

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Artwork by Crease

An Eraserhood Sound Production


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