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Abby Jeanne Announced as Latest Eraserhood Sound Signing

Today we are so excited to welcome the extraordinary Abby Jeanne to the Eraserhood Sound family of artists. Abby Jeanne is a Milwaukee born, NYC based multi-media artist with a powerhouse voice who has spent years hustling to build a grassroots following across the country. She has been shaped by a wide range of profound life experiences, from being adopted by a rock n roll café cult as a teenager, to discovering underground pop and soul records from the club’s haunted jukebox, to backpacking across Europe and Asia with nothing but her guitar after enduring family hardship at home. The truth is that it’s impossible to tell Abby’s entire story in just one sitting. With that being said, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from Abby Jeanne, as she’s got brand new music produced by Eraserhood Sound and ready for your enjoyment very soon. Welcome Abby!

Abby Jeanne Website

Abby Jeanne on Spotify

Abby Jeanne on Instagram

Abby Jeanne on Facebook


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