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New Single "September Blues" by Azul Kechi Out Now

The new single “September Blues” by Azul Kechi is out today on all streaming platforms. Head to wherever you get music to hear this slow burning heater, produced by Eraserhood Sound. “September Blues” is the latest gem from Azul’s forthcoming debut album Celestial Love. The song marks a transition in Azul's journey of self-discovery, as she goes deeper to explore her universal landscape, and delves into a cosmic realm of introspection and self-actualization. Vincent John channels ultimate Eddie Hazel vibes on electric guitar, while Maxwell Perla drops a heavy drum break to bring the sonic journey to a thrilling conclusion. Azul and EHS have shown yet again their London - Philly alchemy is written in the stars. An Eraserhood Sound Production.

Stream it Here

Written by Vincent John, Azul Kechi, Maxwell Perla

Maxwell Perla - Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer

Vincent John - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizers

Azul Kechi - Vocals, Backing Vocals

Produced by Eraserhood Sound

Engineered by Eraserhood Sound

Adtl. Vocal Engineering by Plamen Vasilev

Mixed by Eraserhood Sound

Additional Mixing by Dan Scott Forreal

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

An Eraserhood Sound Production


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