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Time Traveler / Silent Horizon Single, 7" by Angelo Outlaw Out Now

Today we are proud to share the latest single from Angelo Outlaw, Time Traveler. This up beat cosmic funk heater is available on all streaming platforms now. In addition, Angelo's debut 7" Time Traveler / Silent Horizon is available in record stores worldwide. The release is yet further proof that the collaboration between Angelo Outlaw and Eraserhood Sound is absolutely electric. "Time Traveler" pulsates and throbs, building patiently from nothing more than a bouncing, hypnotic bassline. Breakbeat drums, synthesizer swells, flutes, chimes, and operatic vocals each enter one by one, bringing the song to a truly epic, euphoric conclusion. It is Synth & Soul at its finest. This essential vinyl is available in crystal clear and classic black. Don't wait, grab your copy today.

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