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"Blow My Mind" by Say She She, Produced by Eraserhood Sound Out Now

"Blow My Mind" by Say She She is out now around the world courtesy of Karma Chief Records. The song was co-written and produced by Eraserhood Sound, and features the Philly-based production company's signature Synth & Soul stylings. Featuring a tough, swampy backbeat, hypnotic bassline, and shimmering synths, the song erupts into a triumphant crescendo with a psychedelic guitar solo that would make Eddie Hazel blush. The ladies of Say She She deliver a mesmerizing vocal performance, weaving their voices together in an elegant, haunting style that incorporates earworm melodies, lush harmonies, and playful adlibs. "Blow My Mind" is available to stream on digital platforms, and can also be ordered as a 7" from the Colemine Web Store now. Act fast to get your hands on this irresistible sonic journey.

Written by Say She She & Eraserhood Sound

Vocals by Nya Brown, Sabrina Cunningham, Piya Malik

Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer by Vincent John

Guitar by Matt McDermott

Drums, Percussion by Maxwell Perla

Produced by Eraserhood Sound

Vocal Production by Eraserhood Sound

Mixed by Shawn Simmons

Mastered by Sean Brennan

Purchase from Colemine Web Store

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