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New Single "Azul" by Azul Kechi Out Now

This is a special one. Today we are so proud to share with you a project years in the making. You can now listen to “Azul” the debut single from the phenomenally talented new artist Azul Kechi. Eraserhood Sound originally connected with Azul Kechi in the summer of 2020. She was based in London, but we quickly found out that Azul is really from the stars, a child of Venus and Mars. It did not take long to realize there was a powerful, mystical connection between us, forged in the deep of the soul music cosmos. The records we created transcended time and place, and were only possible due to a rare, celestial bond. “Azul” serves as the perfect introduction to Azul K, as she tells you exactly what she's about, all while Eraserhood Sound's signature analog synth & soul cooks hypnotically underneath. This is only the beginning of a long musical journey. Stay tuned for more, as there is so much more story to tell….

Written by Vincent John, Azul Kechi, Maxwell Perla

Maxwell Perla - Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer Vincent John - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizers

Azul Kechi - Vocals, Backing Vocals Engineered by Eraserhood Sound Add'l. Vocal Engineering by Plamen Vasilev Mixed by Eraserhood Sound Mix assistant Dan Scott Mastered by Ryan Schwabe Produced by Eraserhood Sound

An Eraserhood Sound Production


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