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Fantasy 15 Debut LP Zoltandia Out Now

Today is the day! After 3 years of rising anticipation, the debut LP from our beloved intergalactic house band Fantasy 15, Zoltandia, is out now. Cheers to the cosmic freedom fighters for creating a truly one of a kind concept album which tells the story of, and is named after, their lush home planet - it is an undeniably epic achievement. This album is a true sonic journey, a synth funk masterpiece that touches on soul, boogie, disco, house, hip hop, rare groove and more. Simply put, no one is making music like this right now. Don't miss your chance to own this stunning LP, available in classic black or gorgeous purple rain. An Eraserhood Sound Production.

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Zoltandia is the epic tale of intergalactic freedom fighters Fantasy 15, and their long,

strange journey from Earth to their beloved home planet of Zoltandia.

The story begins in media res, with our heroes forced to evacuate a mission gone wrong

with breathtaking speed and intensity. On a crumbling, dystopian future version of Earth, the group are betrayed, and need to make an emergency blast-off to escape certain tragedy. The evacuation is a success, and the crew of Fantasy 15, including their beloved A.I., reach calmer terrain in the orbit of the solar system. After many years circumnavigating the universe,

fighting for the freedom of all races, religions and creeds, it is finally time to make their

way through the cosmos and return to their home planet of Zoltandia. Their trip through

the stars is not an easy one, as they encounter interstellar turbulence, enemy fire,

and surreal, psychedelic black holes. But eventually, Fantasy 15 make it home…

The lush utopic orb known as Zoltandia is one of outer-space’s last true paradises, an

outlier in an otherwise chaotic universe. Zoltandia's idyllic existence is the very reason

Fantasy 15 has not been home in so long, for it is one of the few places that has never

needed saving. However after the grim events on Earth, the group feels there is no safe

place for them to go other than back home. When they arrive, a raucous, uninhibited,

orgiastic explosion of energy is released; the burden our freedom fighters have been

carrying from years and years of traveling, fighting battles, and solitarily floating through

space is righteously shed in an epic weeklong bacchanalia. Interplanetary lovers

rekindle old flames, new lovers revel in the euphoria, and for just a moment, everything

is perfect. But nothing can last. No, our freedom fighters know they cannot stay at home for

long. There are too many people who need defending throughout the galaxy. Soon,

they gather their synthesizers, and prepare to embark on a new journey.

Unbeknownst to Fantasy 15, however, they have actually been followed by their enemies

from Earth to their home planet. And just when the group least expects it, their

enemies launch a devastating sneak attack. Zoltandia's capital city is decimated, and most

of the planet's defenses are rendered useless. An entire civilization is practically

eviscerated. Fantasy 15 gathers what little crew and supplies they can, load up their

ship with as many Zoltandians as they can find, and leave their beloved home to burn. In the

end, they have no choice but to journey back to Earth.

Maxwell Perla - Drums, Synthesizer, Vocals, Percussion, Conga

Vincent John - Drums, Bass, Synthesizer, Pianos, Guitar, Vocals

Christopher Alrutz - Synthesizer, Piano

Kendra Morris - Lead Vocals, Interplanetary Lover

Turquoise Cobb - Vocals

Widow Winslow - Vocals

Ky - Vocals

Shernorva - Spoken Word (A.I.)

Mike Buckley - Flute

Andrew Torre - Conga

All songs written by Fantasy 15

Recorded and Produced by Eraserhood Sound

Mixed by Andrew Torre

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Artwork Illustration by Anthony Carranza

Album Layout by SWIVS

Art Direction by Eraserhood Sound

An Eraserhood Sound Production


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