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Fantasy 15 Release Digital EP Planet IX & Galaxy Oasis / Julieta 7"

Today it is with great excitement that we share the release of Fantasy 15's new EP, titled Planet IX. This is our intergalactic house band’s first extended collection of material and it is a true cosmic journey. You’ve already heard the stellar lead singles “Voyager” and “Julieta” which have garnered the praise of rare groove enthusiasts far and wide …. Now you can listen to the euphoric synth-funk of the record’s title track “Planet IX”, the hypnotic, Philly soul-inspired “Saturn Returns” and the undeniable dance floor boogie of “Galaxy Oasis” which is the first Fantasy 15 cut to feature a lead vocalist. In addition to the Planet IX digital EP, the corresponding Galaxy Oasis / Julieta 7" is now available at indie retailers around the world. Act fast, as this elegant slice of wax is already sold out from the Eraserhood Sound web store. The group transmitted the following message, meant to be relayed to their ardent supporters:

We crafted these songs as a love letter to our native home of Zoltandia, a place we miss dearly as we continue our struggle for peace and harmony across the cosmos. If you’re reading this, all hope is not lost, and our fight has not been in vain. There are many who wish to extinguish the burning soul of our society, so we ask that you play these songs and rejoice in life, for it is precious and fleeting. Stay close, and we will see you on the other side.

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