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Listen to "Frutas" by Alici, Preorder New 7"

Today we are proud to share the latest single from Alici, the gorgeous “Frutas.” The thrilling follow up to “Can’t Keep My Plants Alive” is streaming on all platforms now. Alici’s intoxicating voice glides effortlessly over a pulsating groove, as she sings in her native Portuguese about the beauty of life. A lush string arrangement takes “Frutas” to epic heights, while splashes of Brazilian percussion keep the momentum driving feverishly forward. Today is also the first day you can preorder the Frutas / Can’t Keep My Plants Alive 45. This is Alici's debut on wax, so don’t sleep on this limited edition pressing.

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Alici - Guitar, Lead Vocals Vincent John - Bass, Guitar, Keys, String Arrangement

Maxwell Perla - Drums, Percussion, Conga Alexandra Cutler-Fetkewicz - Violin

Eve Miller - Cello

Keaton Thandi - Cuica

Recorded at Eraserhood Sound in Philadelphia, PA

Produced by Eraserhood Sound

Mixed by Eraserhood Sound

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Album Art Photography by Toni Bakalli

Art Design by Swivs

An Eraserhood Sound Production


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