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Listen to "Operator, Please" by Stereo League, Pre-Order 7"

Today we are proud to announce the release of the brand new single "Operator, Please" by Stereo League. Available on all platforms, you can stream this blazing hot song wherever you listen to music. Following the success of their 2021 EP Endless Mirage, the band, again under the guidance of Eraserhood Sound, have created yet another timeless, soulful single with its own unique sound.

“Operator, Please” is a swampy, seductive throwback to 70s soul and funk, evoking the indelible Southern sound from classic labels like Hi and Cat. Lead singer Alex Savoth is smooth and charming as the song begins, but by the final chorus, he is wearing his heart on his sleeve, using his powerful voice to deliver passionate pleas to a new flame he can't resist.

You can also pre-order this undeniable single, backed with their September 2022 slow burner "Seasons of Trouble", from the EHS web store and Bandcamp. Don't miss your chance to own these two classic slices of synth & soul on wax. This 45 hits the street December 9, just in time for the holidays. Don't sleep, grab yours today. An Eraserhood Sound Production.

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