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New Philly On Tape Single "Streets of Philadelphia" by Thantophobe

The latest entry from Eraserhood Sound's quarantine collaboration series Philly On Tape, this single is a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Streets of Philadelphia", featuring Philly artist Thantophobe. As with every Philly On Tape entry, the track was recorded, produced, mixed, and released by the Eraserhood Sound crew, and features vocals recorded remotely by a rotating cast of Philly artists. The song “Streets of Philadelphia” stood out as an obvious song choice, with its tender plea for acceptance ringing out to them at a time (summer 2020) when the City of Brotherly Love seemed more dire each day. While Springsteen’s lyrics were ostensibly referencing the LBGTQ community’s struggle with the AIDS epidemic throughout the 80s and early 90s, the calls for empathy, understanding and community, delivered starkly by Thantophobe, feel more relevant today than ever. Featuring a funky, slinky interpretation of Springsteen’s drum loop, and cascading layers of synthesizers that slowly build the track’s heavenly aura, it is a classic slice of a genre Eraserhood Sound dubs “Synth & Soul”.

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