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New Single by Fantasy 15 "Ray Gun" Out Now

Today we are so excited to announce that Fantasy 15 have released another single from their forthcoming Zoltandia LP, titled "Ray Gun." This monster of a track is undoubtedly one of the heaviest synth funk singles you will hear all year. The drums are thumping, the dueling bass lines are absolutely knocking, and the keyboards are so hot they will practically melt your hi-fi system. Simply put, Fantasy 15 are not taking shit from anyone on this song. This is the third single from the group's debut album, following the euphoric "Zoltandia" as well as the Kendra Morris-assisted slow burner "Interplanetary Lover." Stream "Ray Gun" on your favorite platform, and be sure to preorder the Zoltandia LP, which hits streets September 22, from the EHS Web Store or Bandcamp. An Eraserhood Sound Production.

Order via Web Store

Order via Bandcamp

Stream it Here

Written by Fantasy 15

Maxwell Perla - Drums, Synthesizer, Percussion, Conga

Vincent John - Drums, Bass, Synthesizer, Pianos, Guitar

Christopher Alrutz - Synthesizer

Shernorva - Spoken Word (A.I.)

Recorded and Produced by Eraserhood Sound

Mixed by Andrew Torre

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Artwork Illustration by Anthony Carranza

Art Direction by Eraserhood Sound

An Eraserhood Sound Production


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