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New Single "Can't Keep My Plants Alive" by Alici Out Now

Today we are extremely proud and excited to be sharing the debut single from Alici on Eraserhood Sound, “Can’t Keep My Plants Alive”. Stream it wherever you listen to music now. As Alici’s sultry vocals drift over her distinctive bossa nova influenced guitar picking, you can’t help but feel hypnotized. It is clear she has a deep love and appreciation for the classic Brazilian records she was raised on, yet her new single still feels distinctly unique and vital. Maxwell Perla lays down a strutting backbeat while Vincent John fills out the arrangement with bouncing bass, shimmering synths and a sly fuzz guitar solo that rides into the sunset. Keep your eyes peeled for more new music from Alici, and vinyl heads, don’t worry... Announcements coming soon.

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Written by Alici, Vincent John, Maxwell Perla

Alici - Vocals, Guitar

Vincent John - Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer

Maxwell Perla - Drums, Percussion

Mixed by Eraserhood Sound

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Photography by Toni Bakalli

Cover Design by Swivs

An Eraserhood Sound Production


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