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New Single "Crazy Dreams" by Azul Kechi Out Now

Today we are extremely pleased to announce that Azul Kechi's new single "Crazy Dreams" is streaming on all platforms around the world. We began a Transatlantic, seemingly intergalactic collaboration with this incredible London-based artist in late 2020. The music was made remotely, with EHS sending Azul cosmic, funky instrumentals ready for her to write and deliver her unique hybrid singing/rapping over top…but this new single “Crazy Dreams” we wrote together from ground zero, via Zoom, as “in the room” as we could be at the time… we think the cosmic vibes can be felt. What do you think? Be sure to enjoy “Crazy Dreams” now, as well as the host of other EHS collaborations she has released to this point. An Eraserhood Sound Production.

Stream it Here

Written by Vincent John, Azul Kechi, Maxwell Perla

Maxwell Perla - Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer

Vincent John - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocoder

Azul Kechi - Vocals, Backing Vocals

Produced by Eraserhood Sound

Engineered by Eraserhood Sound

Adtl. Vocal Engineering by Plamen Vasilev

Mixed by Eraserhood Sound

Additional Mixing by Dan Scott Forreal

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

An Eraserhood Sound Production


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