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New Single "Rosy Light" by Vincent John Out Now

Today we are proud to share the latest single from Eraserhood Sound's very own Vincent John, titled "Rosy Light." Truth be told, Vincent John is nothing short of a musical force. For over a decade, he has been a writer, performer, producer and mixer for a wide range of artists including Lee Fields, Nicole Wray, El Michels Affair, and more. After co-founding Eraserhood Sound in 2019, Vincent has been releasing a steady stream of soulful synth-pop / R&B singles created entirely on his own terms.

“Rosy Light” takes its cues from the most timeless songwriters of the 80s, including Rod Temperton, Don Henley, and Darryl Hall. The single blends nostalgic New Wave synthesizers and hazy vintage drum machines with modern R&B flourishes. Lyrically, the song is a confession of coming to terms with his own crippling optimism. “I always see things through a rosy light,” sings John, with a despair that implies he knows things won’t work out in the end. With gut-wrenching honesty, VJ grapples with the painful realization that maybe he needs to start over. It is a difficult truth, but one that Vincent John can’t help but deliver with style and beauty.

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Written by Vincent John, Maxwell Perla and Dan Scott Forreal

Vincent John - Lead Vocals, Synthesizer, Bass, Programming

Maxwell Perla - Drum Set, Percussion

Dan Scott Forreal - Synthesizer, Guitar

Recorded at Eraserhood Sound in Philadelphia, PA

Produced by Eraserhood Sound

Mixed by Eraserhood Sound

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Photography by Kurt Cain-Walther

Artwork Design by Vincent John

An Eraserhood Sound Production


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