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Newest EHS Artist Abby Jeanne Releases New Single "That's Where We Are"

Today we are so excited to share the newest single from Abby Jeanne, “That’s Where We Are”. You can now stream this heavy cut wherever you hear music. This is the first release from Abby Jeanne on Eraserhood Sound, and features the label’s signature in-house analog synth and soul production.

“That’s Where We Are” is a true sonic journey, drawing influence from funk, soul, retro pop, and psychedelia. This song has it all, with its shimmering harmonies, playful percussion, and a cooking groove the Isley Brothers would approve of. According to Abby, it is her most ambitious composition to date. When you listen to the song, it is clear that Abby Jeanne has reached new heights at her craft, as you’ll be listening to this infectious single over and over again. Keep your eyes on Abby Jeanne in the coming year, as “That’s Where We Are” is just the beginning of a new phase of her exciting, one-of-a-kind artistic career.

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