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Pre-Order Cliffdiver / Smoke & Mirrors (45 Edits) 7"

It’s a new week, and we’ve got ANOTHER fresh new release on vinyl. Today we are so excited to share with you the Cliffdiver / Smoke & Mirrors 7”. This 45 features brand new never before heard edits of two favorites from 2021’s Ribelle Di Mare LP. We’ve got all of the DJs covered with extended drum breaks added to this pair of Italian composer Sandro Galileo's most beloved compositions. This is an extremely special release, because these edits can only be heard on vinyl, and we only pressed up 300 copies. That’s right, you can’t stream these versions anywhere. They are not on the internet. There are no color variants or download codes. This one is for the hardcore old school vinyl enthusiasts. So do not think twice, cop yours today before they become a part of Ribelle Di Mare history.

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